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                     AC PARTS

Classic Auto Spares offers a wide variety of parts and accessories for Classic British and European automobiles including the AC. Just a few sample items listed below. Email with your "want" list and we will issue a quote on the items currently available.


  • DCB101 Ignition condenser Ace w/Ford 62-63, Aceca w/Ford 62-63 
  • DCB120 Ignition condenser Invalid Carriage 1947-53
  • DCB121 Ignition condenser 16hp 48-54, Greyhound GT w/AC eng. 62-63, Ace w/AC eng. 55-60
  • DDB115 Dist Cap Ace w/Ford eng. 1963, Aceca coupe w/Ford eng. 1963 
  • DDB161A Dist Cap Ace w/AC eng 55-60, Greyhound GT w/Bristol 110 61-63 w/AC eng 62-63, 16hp Saloon 48-54 
  • DDB192A Dist Cap Ace w/Ford eng 1962, Aceca coupe w/Ford 1962 
  • DLB101 Coil Ace 58-63 w/AC or Bristol engine, Greyhound GT all, 16hp Saloon 1948-54
  • DLB105 Coil Ace 1955-57 w/AC engine
  • DRB106 Ignition rotor Ace w/Ford eng. 1962-63, Aceca coupe 62-3 w/Ford
  • DSB101 Points Ace w/Ford engine 1963
  • DSB116 Points Ace w/Ford engine 1962 Aceca Coupe w/Ford engine 1962-63
  • DSB120 Points Invalid Carriage 1947-53, 16hp Saloon 1939
  • DSB122 Points 16hp Saloon 1948-54, Greyhound GT 61-63 w/Bristol or AC engine, ACE Sports 55-60 AC engine, 56-63 w/Bristol engine


  • PFG102AP AP/Lockheed Girling/Lucas RED hydraulic grease sold per sachet
  • SP2186 Brake master cylinder kit Cobra 62-63 CSX2000 to CSX2125
  • SP1963 Brake master cylinder kit Cobra 06/63-on from CSX2165
  • SP2501 Front caliper kit Cobra 62-6/63 from chassis CSX 2000 to CSX2164
  • SP2524 Rear caliper kit Cobra 62-63 from chassis CSX2000 On
  • SP2523 Front caliper kit Cobra 06/63-on, from chassis CSX2165

    Clutch system:

  • SP2078 Clutch master cylinder kit Cobra 62-6/63, chassis CSX2000 - CSX2164
  • SP2178 Clutch master cylinder kit Cobra 6/63-on for cyl 64067681,
  • SP2213 Clutch master cylinder kit Cobra 6/63-on for cyl 64067689
  • SP2016 Clutch slave cylinder kit Cobra 62-on, chassis CSX2000- on.

    Electrical (Lucas)

  • Lots of Lucas electrical components in stock. Inquire with specific needs. Relays, Switches and more.