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                        Alfa Romeo Parts

Large selection of Alfa Romeo parts, accessories, manuals and automobilia. Email for a specific price for your needs. If we do not stock the spares you need, we can try to locate them for you. We have contacts worldwide.  Alfa Spider, Milano, 164, GTV6, Alfa 33, Giulia, Giulietta, Duetto.


  • 611  Ignition Wire Set (not OE) Alfa 1955-1979 1.6 4 cyl w/22" coil wire 
  • 612  Ignition Wire Set (not OE) Alfa 1955-1981 4 cyl w/36" coil wire 
  • 614  Ignition Wire Set (not OE) Spider 1982-on 4 cyl 2.0 fuel injected
  • 613  Ignition Wire Set (not OE) Milano w/35" coil wire V6 2.5, GTV6 1981-86 
  • 615  Ignition Wire Set (not OE) Milano Verde w/44" coil wire V6 3.0 1988-89 
  • 164  Ignition Wire Set (not OE) 164 V6 3.0 1991-93 
  • WR5DP Bosch platinum spark plug 4 cylinder 1965-1971, 1990-on, 6 cylinder 91-93 
  • WR7DP Bosch platinum spark plug 4 cylinder 1972-79, 6 cylinder 1981-89
  • F5DPOR Bosch platinum spark plug 164 1994-95 w/4 cam 
  • Most Caps, Rotors, Points, Condensers, and Wire Sets Available


  • U50 Universal Joint Giulietta 55-62, 1750 GT Veloce & Spider 69-72, 2000GT Veloce & Spider Veloce 72-73 
  • U41 Universal Joint Duetto GTV & Spider 67-69
  • CV Joints, Boots, Shocks, Control arms and bushings, Springs, etc.

    Fuel System:

  • Ecu's, Injectors, Sensors, Fuel Pumps, Pressure Regulators, Relays, and more.


  • Air, Fuel, and Oil Filters- most models


  • Gasket Sets, Single Gaskets, Pistons, Rings, Timing chains, Timing belts, Bearings, Oil Pumps, and more.

    Cooling System:

  • Coolant Tank Reservoir GTV6 (hard to find) 
  • Water pumps, Thermostats, Radiator Caps, Expansion Tanks, Radiators, and belts.


  • 36297 Transmission filter kit 164 


  • 0310  Clutch cable Giulia 1600, 105 Series 1965-68
  • Many speedometer, accelerator, and tachometer cables available.


  • Remanufactured Alternators, Starters, New Switches, Relays, Modules, Blower Motors, and more!

    Alfa Badges & Emblems:

  • Front Badge 83-on Spider, 164, Milano, GTV6 (round plastic 75mm 2pins) 
  • Front Badge 83-on GTV6 same 75mm as above except with housing 
  • Front Badge (Cloisonne, enamel, with silver wreath, 55mm, threaded studs) 1950-60
  • Front Badge (enamel reproduction with pins) 1960-82
  • Front Badge (plastic front with "Milano" at bottom 55mm) 1960-72
  • Front Badge (plastic, 55mm with pins, "Alfa Romeo" at top only) 1972-82
  • Rear Badge 83-on Spider, 164, GTV6 (glue on type)
  • Rear Badge (plastic, 55mm no pins, "Alfa Romeo" at top only) 1972-82
  • Racing Quadrifoglio (triangle shape, 2 1/2" each edge, adhesive back, painted green
  • Gold Quadrifoglio enamel badge 1750 GTV left side 
  • Gold Quadrifoglio enamel badge 1750 GTV right side 
  • Green Quadrifoglio enamel badge 1600 GT left side 
  • Green Quadrifoglio enamel badge 1600 GT right side 
  • Serpent 2000 GTV badge (round, green serpent on silver background) specify Left or R
  • "injection" rear spoiler badge for Spider 1983-90 
  • "Spider" plus Quadrifoglio emblem Spider1986-90 
  • "Spider 2.0" Right side badge Spider 1983-85 
  • "Spider Veloce" Right side badge Spider 1986-90
  • "Graduate" badge Spider Graduate 1983-90 
  • "Alfa Romeo" chrome two piece script badge 1966-69
  • "Alfa Romeo" chrome one piece badge Spider 1971-on 
  • "Alfa Romeo" universal plastic glue on, 9.5" long, Original use 164 
  • "1750" Euro 1750 GTV and Spider trunk badge, chrome
  • Center Wheel Cap- Alfa w/metal disc center cap, 48mm diameter 
  • Snap ring for the above center disc 
  • Center Wheel Cap with black /white emblem GRADUATE style, w/ steel wheel
  • Center Wheel Cap- Milano 3.0 1988-89, 164 ALL 
  • Center Wheel Cap- Milano 2.5 alloy 1987-89, Milano 3.0 1987 only, Spider Quad 1986-92, GTV6 1986 only 

    Lamps & Lenses:

  • Inquire about Lamps and Lenses.