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                   ROLLS ROYCE PARTS

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Fuel Pump
New "Double" SU Original Brand Electric Points Type Fuel Pump Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1974-1979 fitted with carbs (not injected). $489.00
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New "Double" SU Original Brand Electronic Type (does not have internal contact points) Fuel Pump Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1974-1979 fitted with carbs (not injected) Looks same externally as the item above $525.00
Rolls Royce Fuel Pump Repair Kit SU Fuel Pump Repair Kit
SU Fuel Pump Repair Kit- for original type with internal points and NEGATIVE GROUND. It takes TWO of these kits to rebuilt the Rolls Royce Double Pump. Each kit repairs one side of the pump assembly. $59.95
CD4299 Silver Shadow Fuel Filter
Silver Shadow Early Style Fuel Filter Kit. This is original on cars earlier than the LATE Shadow II cars. You can tell by looking at the Fuel Bowl. If your bowl is SMOOTH on the bottom with no screw present, you have the early style filter. CD4299 $25.95
Cd6137.jpg (20155 bytes)
Silver Shadow II Late Style Rear Fuel Filter Kit (contains the filter element and the seals to install) basically about 1980 onward. You can tell for sure by looking at the fuel bowl which will have a screw in the bottom. Some earlier Rolls and Bentley Applications from VIN 1001- 17000 have been retrofitted to this type of filter. Part Number CD6137 $24.95
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Main Fuel Filter for Injected Rolls Royce Bentley from VIN 20001 - onward UE74370 $44.95
Rolls Royce Silver Spur Hubcap Emblem Badge
Hubcap Emblem -Silver Spur, Shadow, Spirit, Corniche UG13770 $76.00 each  (Inquire these may be on backorder)
adhesive pad for above emblem. Hubcap Emblem Adhesive Pad Silver Spur (for above badge) NO LONGER AVAILABLE
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